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Hi loves!! Today I have a very exciting review, especially if you are a huge spa lover like me. In the past I have visited a few Korean Day Spa’s in NJ, but Sojo Spa Club is sort of new and it is located in Edgewater, also in jersey. So, this spa is the largest one I have seen and it’s also the closest one near my home. However, it is the most expensive one so I only go when they have SALES!

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As you guys have already read the tittle of this post “BE The BOSS”, I will be sharing my own personal tips in how I became a web design freelancer. I currently work as a full-time application support engineer for a Marketing Company in NYC and I have finally had the chance to work on my freelance work! 

Well hello, happy Wednesday. We are live from my bed! Currently watching “YOU” , having a peppermint tea and my baby savannah is cuddling right next to me :). IF you don’t know who my baby is, well she is my beautiful Bengal cat…. Yes, Yes, Yes! I am a mom cat.

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