Bringing Home A new addition!

Meet Savanah! She is officially one year old & I am so happy to have her in my life. Savanah is a Female Bengal Cat, 4th generation.

It was about 2 years ago when I decided that I wanted to get a kitten and started to do a lot of research.  I knew that I wanted a Bengal for sure!… and was looking for Breeders in NY & NJ.

Breeders in NY

I basically narrowed it down to two Breeders I found located in NYC, however I realized that there are so many scams out there! Please be careful and make sure you are not selecting a scammer!

1. Make sure that they are TICA & CFA registered.

2. Ask if you can physically go visit the cattery.

3. Genetic DNA tests & HCM screening should be overlooked. (negative results)

4. Price of kittens various depending on the color, markings and quality.

5. Lastly!! If they ask you for money to be send to them via Western Union transfer service ( SCAM ALERT).

All About SAVANAH! 

With all breeders, I found that you do need to give in a deposit in-order to reserve your baby kitten.  The Breeder gave me all paper work when I went to pick her up, along with some helpful tips & food recommendations! Overall, she was very nice & I would highly recommend her! She was a bit far from me, I want to say like a 3 hour drive. However she was nice enough to meet up with me, which I was really happy!

Gender :  Female

Age : 1 year old

Breed : Bengal 4th Generation

Cattery : LaVieAnge

Here Parents : Mayflower & Golden King

Color Type : She is Brown Bengal


Bengal cats are known to be very hyper active cats and that is one of the main reasons why I wanted this specific “Breed”, besides their beauty. They are also known to be like “dogs”, meaning you can easily train them to do certain things.

They are also known to be very sweat, affectionate with their owners and love to talk!!

Personal Advise 

  • Food : Royal Chains
  • Train :  Train your baby kitten to walk (on a leash) as a baby! They will love the outdoors and the training will be a lot smoother.
  • Toys : They need a lot of attention and toys are good for them to get entertained if you are not home most of the time.

Source: Bengalcatclub