How To Start A Blog In 2019

Lets Begin!

You can start blogging within a day! It is def. possible to do so, today we will be going over 4 easy steps. Before starting your blog, you should already have a few things done. If you are confused in “what things” are you talking about? No worries…. Click Here First! & then come back to this post :).

4 Steps

  • Choosing a Platform
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Theme
  • Launch!

Choose Your Platform 

There are so many different CMS Platforms that you can choose from! However, here are my personal recommendations :

  1. WordPress – this is the one I am currently using ( So many Plugins!)
  2. BlogSpot – I used to use this platform, very good for beginners
  3. SquareSpaceGood for e-commerce services & blogging
  4. Wix – Easy & user friendly

Hosting & Domain

You need to get your site on a server! IF you wish to have your site all over the internet, then you may want to invest into getting your site hosted.

Recommendations :

  1. GoDaddy – it’s good & affordable ( This is the one I use)
  2. SiteGround – really good but pricy
  3. BlueHost – amazing & works well with WordPress


You can always stick into having a free site & skip this step.


Make sure you pick a unique name for you website or blog!


This is probably the best part, or at least for me it is! You do not need a web designer nor a web developer, because there are so many pre-made themes that you can buy.  Meaning, you can purchase a theme and install it right away.

ETSY, ETSy, ETsy!!!


  • Install Your Theme
  • Change the Content, add the images & all the links
  • Preview the site before going live
  • Lastly, Go LIVE!! & Start Blogging


There are so many things that should be done, before Starting Your Blog!! Please Check out this post —> FIRST , if you have not done so yet. Overall , happy blogging and enjoy 🙂