Things to do Before You Start a BLOG

Stop right now! Do not start a blog nor a website, without completing these steps FIRST. We are going to go over a few topics in this post today, so you might want to go grab some coffee.

Let’s begin with ……

  • Finding Your Niche


Okay so this is really important & you need to Pick a “NICHE” …. what is a niche?

A niche is marketing a specific area. Basically, brainstorm and decide what’s your blog’s main purpose? What type of audience do you want to target? Keep in mind that not all blog’s have a niche and that is fine, however it is highly recommended that you do have a “niche” IF you  wish to have a successful blog & audience.
So, think of something that you are passion about. Or something that you would love to teach others. Do you have a skill? Then you may want to focus on that particular skill.
Here are a few Ideas :

So now that you have discovered your “what” & “purpose” of your blog, we can move on to “content” .  Meaning your blog post, images, social media links & ext.

Helpful Links for 

Free pictures & resource for creating creative content.

  1. Unsplash
  2. Canva

Must Have:

  • Have at least 5-10 blog post ready
  • Good Pictures in-order to attract more audience/readers 🥰
  • Have all of your Social Media ready!

We have our niche, 7 written post with images, all of our social media links and all we need is our “theme“. Etsy is a great place to purchase pre-made themes!! Here is a list of a few pre-made themes, they can honestly all range at different prices.

* If you are looking for a much more affordable theme, Let me know! I have a few in mind .


  • Make sure it has a “sharing” feature
  • Pinterest “Pin it” plugin
  • Responsive, meaning it’s going to work on desktop, tablet & mobile.
  • SEO optimized 
  • and…. a section where your audience can contact you & connect with you. ( newsletter subscription)!


You are ready! Ready to Start Blogging in 2019!