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Before considering in getting my certification, I was addicted into taking Barre Classes. My first class was at The Barre Method Studio, in Montclair Nj….. this is where my obsession began.

I want to say, that it was like 3 years ago when I first started taking barre classes. I religiously went 3 times a week and saw results within 3 months, of-course keep in mind that eating the right foods also take a big role into seeing results. I enjoyed every bit of it and started to explore other studios near my local town, like the Boone Studio.

Overall, I noticed that each studio had its own unique style of teaching & techniques. I was ready & excited to start my training program with the Boone Studio!, unfortunately I was offered a Job position in NYC & of-course decided to take it. Due to this change, I was not able to do my training with the Boone Studio.

What Happened Next?

It took me some-time to settle into my new work place, meet new friends and basically took some time off “Barre”. Of-course, latter on I did start to look for a new Barre Studio and that was “The Exhale Spa Studio“! Basically, my interest came back once I started attending Exhale Studio.

Getting Certified!

There are so many different programs and ways you can get certified. However, every program is different. Meaning, different in the teaching style, techniques and what they offer you after receiving your certification.

You can get certified directly through the studio you currently attend. Most studios do offer “Teaching Training Programs” and the price rates are also all different.

Here is a Helpful Link to get you Started – The Barre Blog !

What can I do with my Certification ?

  • Work for Gyms, Studios, Schools or any workout location
  • Approved for NASM 1.2 and AFFAA 12
  • Teach with or without a BARRE or CHAIR
  • Available for private Sessions & open Studio’s