How to Get Barre Certified?

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Today I will be sharing how and why I became Barre certified? and if this is something I regret doing ? or was it all worth it?!

I was introduced to Barre Fitness 2 years ago, I pretty much became obsessed with the workouts and became a member at one of the local studios near my hometown called “ The Bar Method”. I used to go 3 to 4 times a week and eventually reached all level classes that the studio was offering.

Latter on, I did try other studios as well.

Below are three videos of Barre Studios I was a member of, however I did leave “The Boone Studio” out, because unfortunately that studio did close down & no longer in use.

The Studios! 

  • The Barre Method
  • Barre Vida
  • Exhale Spa Club

All of these studios do offer the “Teacher Training Program”, however prices may range. I would stick to a program that has the most benefits!

Do You Want to Teach?

I personally had a great time and experience! I loved the studios vibe, the workouts & was interested in teaching as a hobby. Yes a hobby & not a full time Gig.

Why a Hobby?

Doing full time or Just for fun is a huge difference….. & my heart is already within the Tech Industry as my #1 career choice.

Meaning, I was looking for hobby/side gig that would be something new, challenging, & fun for me to do on weekends. And bam! Barre was it 🙂

Challenging – Because it was def. something out of my comfort-zone.

Regrets? Def.not!

I highly enjoy teaching on weekends 🙂 and def. do not regret getting my certification. I always encourage my friends to join or book a class with me & has helped me become a more out-spoken person as well.

So here are the benefits :

  • Its something I enjoy doing! It is purely a hobby of mine.
  • I get discounts for being an Instructor.
  • Its extra money in my pockets
  • I love the Barre Community 🙂 peeps & new friends I have gained.

Sharing My Tips! How Do To Get Started?

Most Studios offer the Teacher Training program. So, If you are currently taking classes at a Studio & have been very active with your classes, I would advice you to ask them directly…. but only if you wish to teach at that particular studio!

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