Houseplants That Can Help Purify Our Air!

Hello lovely folks! Take a moment to think about pollution inside our house, we sometimes all forget about this threat to our health. And many of us who do realize this, will purchase an expensive air puffier to clean our air.

When I came across this issue myself, I could have easily bought myself an air purifier as well but if you love mother nature then this Option is good to look into!

There are many Houseplants that can help us eliminate a number of dangerous chemicals and can do the same job as any air puffier.

Benefits ?

  1. You are saving money!
  2. Natural Option
  3. Have you heard the sound of an air puffier? Houseplants are soundless
  4. They help us reduce stress and improve our well-being
  5. Come on, they look amazing!

So you may wonder where do all of these “dangerous chemicals” come from? And the truth is that they can come from detergents, our kitchen cabinets, our walls (paint) , and so many other places.

Here are a few plants I came across!

  1. Bamboo Palm
  2. Spider Plant
  3. Kimberley Queen Fern
  4. Peace Lily
  5. Dawrf date palm
  6. Chinese Evergreen
  7. Aloe Vera

These are just a few! Please keep in mind that some of these plants are toxic to cats, dogs and other pets.