Decluttering by living a happier & Simple Life

Happy Friday!! Hope you are all having a lovely day. I have a really quick and short post to share, something that we can all put into practice & receive a whole lot of benefits!

One of my 2019 Major Goals was to practice “Minimalism”! There are so many benefits in being minimalistic, here are just a few:

  • More space
  • Less mess
  • Less stress
  • Less waste
  • Less cleaning
  • More giving
  • More freedom
  • More savings
  •  Less debt
  • Less clutter


So, how did I start? Personally, I have to write everything down in paper ( hahaha)  this is just how it works for me. Brainstorming, coming up with a game plan and taking action is key.

My first step was to start by de-cluttering & getting organized! I started throwing out so many things!! Things that I had & had not used in years.



2nd step? Use everything I already have. Yes. Before buying anything new, my goal was to use the things I have FIRST.

3rd Spending my money wisely

I am a huge spender & this is a major problem that I had. I would honestly buy anything for no reason, meaning I didn’t really “need it”, I just “wanted it”. I started to realize that there are so many folks who get paid less…… and yet had more savings than me.

Final one – Learn to Say NO.

I am a very easy-going person & most of the time I discovered that I say “yes” a lot. To friends, co-works, friends of friends…. to night outs, hangouts, festiveness, vacations, random events, ext. My point is, that I started to say no politely to the things I don’t have time for nor that are important to me.

Basically, learning to value my time with the folks that are important to me only! These are all of my tips in how to become minimalist! I still do practice all of these steps and it is def. hard to stay with it. But overall, I do feel like having less doesn’t only SAVE you money but also helps you be a HAPPIER person.

Until next time lovely peeps!