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Hi, i'm Kimberly B.

Being a Barre Instructor has been a huge hobby of mine!

During my lunch hours I was taking barre classes @exhalespa studio & also tried other studios in NJ.

Shortly after, I became obsessed! I joined the Barre Vida Training Programing & received my  Instructor Certification. 

I am a Certified Barre Instructor

  1. Certificate is valid for gyms, studios, schools, or any workout location.
  2. Approved CECS: NASM 1.2 and AFAA 
  3. Workouts can be done with or without a Barre or Chair.
  4.  You can find me at a studio or book private sessions!
  5. I received my certification with BarreVida Training Program @NYC Brooklyn. 

My Barre Journey!

If your unfamiliar with Barre Fitness, I would highly recommend you take a class and give it a try! The workouts involve small movements to help you create lean muscles and you will hear the terms “Lift, Tone, Burn!” or “ Tuck, Tuck, Tuck “ during a class.

During each workout you will find yourself “shaking” , Barre is focused on thighs, seat, arms and abs. I remember going into my first Barre class clueless and absolutely had no idea what to expect. I ended up attending to 3 different studios near my hometown and became obsessed!

I loved the vibes at the studios, the workout & results.

Many people do tend to think that ballet or dancing is incorporated… this is not the case. You really just need to be able to hold the bar, listen to the instructor & focus on yourself!

Going into class, you may want to come in a few minutes early to check out the studio & get familiar with the techniques and items you may need to get you started. I would highly recommend you to have sticky socks if possible, water & wears leggings, pants or capris.

Okay Babes, hope my Barre Journey short was helpful or motivated you into taking a class! I have so many blog post on my site just for “Barre Fitness” , make sure to check them out!

Pricing package

From booking a Group Fitness Class or Private Session, into becoming a blog babe?! See prices below & any questions you can always reach out to me!


$30 - 70

  • Workouts
  • Private Session
  • Book A Class
  • Events & Workshops

Blog Babe

$10 - up

  • Freebies
  • Tutorials
  • Guide & Tips
  • Web Design Help

Web Design

$Depends on Project

  • Modifications
  • Installation of theme
  • Content
  • Design
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