Hi loves!! Today I have a very exciting review, especially if you are a huge spa lover like me. In the past I have visited a few Korean Day Spa’s in NJ, but Sojo Spa Club Is sort of new and it is located in Edgwater, also in jersey.

So, this spa is the largest one I have seen and it’s also the closest one near my home. However, it is the most expensive one so I only go when they have SALES!

For the month of January 2019 they did have a sale/promotion for “Buy one, Get one 50% off”  & therefore took advantage of it!

The Spa Club is very large, its 8 stories high including the rooftop so i would recommend you to stay the whole day or at least a few hours to fully enjoy the whole facility.


Here is a picture of the Spa’s lobby. They do valet so you do not have to worry about parking, however it can be a long wait at the end.

Right across, there is like a small plaza and I found that a lot of people parked there, to avoid having to wait on there way out. 

Okay so here on the right is the image of the infitiy pool which is the populare


officially over! For those who do know me, probably already know that I am a very active person and I have always been.  Since high school throughout my university years I had the opportunity to travel & compete in different states, however when I graduated college I completely stopped running.

I basically got busy with LIFE in general & trying to figure out ” My Life After College “.

Well, I am now in my late 20’s and finally in a place where I can step back & get back into the things I had a passion for.  In which why my bloggers log/tittle is “My Heart Races”.

Even though I was busy with my life and career, I never really stopped being an active person. I started to explore different types of fitness activities such as Rock Climbing, Cross-Fit, Barre, pole fitness, Hiking and traveling.

Which brings us back into why I even created this website?! The whole purpose of my blogger is to post about the things I have passion for & enjoy writing about it.

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