Mini Work Office Tour

Welcome to Hogarth World Wide Company in NYC, where I spend most of my day & time. Yes, this is where I work and today I will be taking all of you with, attempting to do a Mini Office Tour!

I am always curious about everyone’s work place, environment and “what it is” that they do ext? Let’s begin this tour!

What Do I do?

Okay, so I currently work for a Marketing Company located In NYC Mid-town & to be honest, I love what I do here! I am part of the Global Application Support Team… meaning?, I basically support the company’s workflow applications, troubleshoot and interact with our development , production, and regional teams to make everyone happy 🙂 hahahaha. Okay, all jokes aside ~ I am part of the tech team & do my best to support our internal & external staff, clients, ext.

The Environment ?

We are not being micromanaged. Which is one of the main reason’s why I like working here. Dress-code is casual all day, everyday, of-course you can not come in to work “unprofessional” or disrespectful.

The environment overall is very energetic, positive and staff are very friendly.

We do have a monthly calendar with fun activities to look forward to, that is always a plus! Such as :

  • Tuesday’s – Ice cream day
  • Thursday Happy Hour
  • Staff lunch
  • Bagel Friday

and other similar events such as those.

Here a few picture that I was able to take around our work place. It should cover the conference rooms, kitchen area, relax/chill area and more.

The Team.  Overall my team is really small, we are a group of 4 in total based in US. However Globally we are a bit larger.

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