Well hello, happy Wednesday. We are live from my bed! Currently watching “YOU” , having a peppermint tea and my baby savannah is cuddling right next to me :). IF you don’t know who my baby is, well she is my beautiful Bengal cat…. Yes, Yes, Yes! I am a mom cat.

Today happens to be a “Work From Home Day” & I am bringing you all with me. So usually, after having my tea, finishing cuddling & feeding my cat, I do need my cup of coffee to get my day started!

Being in the IT industry, I found myself working from home a few times and not only with my current job. Therefore I made sure to have a “home office” where I can be somewhat productive.

What Is “it” that I do?

So its hard to really explain what I actually do?, but the position I hold is Application Support Engineer.

I basically do App Support for all of the companies workflow applications & mainly consist of creating documentation, problem solving, trouble-shooting, communicating with our global teams, such as our development team and ext.

I also am responsible for supporting 24/7, therefore I am on call during the weekends as well. The worst thing that can happen would be having a major incident, such as the systems going down or other similar situations like that one.

Now….What Really Goes on?!

Typically my mornings are very busy with Support Tickets & team call’s. I believe I am the most productive during mornings lol

So yea, I def. will be working in the mornings at my max!

1:00pm – 3pm  It’s The BEST time EVER!

Okay peeps, so it is 1pm and it is also known to be the best time of my day “LUNCH TIME”! 

Ordering out? or Staying in, hmmm…. Yup, headed to my kitchen and making myself some food, re-filling my coffee…. because I am a coffee addict.

Alright, so finishing up my lunch and so is my beautiful savannah. The “YOU” is back on my tv and taking some lovely time in-to doing some cleaning, checking all my social media & also working on my blogger.

Shop the look

3pm – 4pm

I love being multi-tasked. With that being said,It is time to jump back into my home office & do some actual work, but also do some online playing games with the “peeps” aka “my homies” !

4:30 pm

If you are still here with me, yay! My day is pretty much over. I am currently getting ready and plan on going to a barre/yogi class. After my class, I do plan on going out tonight!, therefore I have all my things with me to get ready afterwards.

Okay peeps, this is just one of the “WFH” days would look like. Of-course it’s not always the same, it really all depends on my mood or schedule. For instance, some days I will go to barnes & noble to do some work, then hit the gym, head back to barns & noble and finish my day by going to the mall or visiting friends.

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you all on Monday 🙂

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